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ChoiceBuilder® gives employers with 2 - 500 employees access to some of the nations premier dental, vision, chiropractic and life carriers - all in ONE program.

Whether you're already offering optional benefits, or looking to add them for the first time, with ChoiceBuilder you can pick and choose the benefits you like best and build a program that makes sense for your business, your budget and your employees.

And, ChoiceBuilder offers both voluntary and employer sponsored benefits so it fits into any budget.

Advantages to Building Choice

Employer advantages

Whether you're already offering optional benefits to your employees, or looking to add them for the first time, ChoiceBuilder helps you build the right program for your business, your budget and your employees.

You get:
  • Access to the nation's premier dental, vision, chiropractic and life carriers in the nation
  • Guaranteed rates for 12 months
  • Employer Sponsored & Voluntary benefit plan options
  • One consolidated monthly bill
  • One contact for all of your questions
  • One website where you can manage all of your ChoiceBuilder benefits

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Employee advantages  

With ChoiceBuilder you have the power to choose the benefits that make sense for you and your family.

You Get: 
  • The freedom to choose the carrier(s) and benefits you like best
  • One enrollment form for all of your ChoiceBuilder benefits
  • One contact for all of your questions
  • One website where you can access all of your benefits
Broker advantages

ChoiceBuilder offers you a program that makes offering ancillary benefits to your clients a snap.

You get:

  • Access to the nation's premier ancillary carriers in one program
  • 10% commission on all ancillary products
  • One quote that includes, dental, vision, chiro/acupuncture and life
  • One enrollment application for all ChoiceBuilder benefits
  • One consolidated monthly bill for your clients
  • One contact for you, your clients and their employees
  • One website where you can quote and manage your block of business

Michael Close
Chief Executive Officer
CHOICE Administrators®

Michael L. Close is the Chief Executive Officer of CHOICE Administrators where he is responsible for two health insurance programs: America’s longest standing, state-approved private multi-carrier health insurance exchange, CaliforniaChoice®, and the nation’s first ancillary benefits exchange, ChoiceBuilder.

Michael previously served as the Chief Operating Officer where he oversaw information technology, marketing, and strategic business development. Michael worked closely with all of the Word & Brown Companies to ensure strategic alignment between corporate short-term and long-term strategic goals.

Michael was President of Quotit Corp and HealthCompare, two national health insurance distribution platforms, before their acquisition by National General Holdings Corp. in early 2017. Michael was also President of CONEXIS, a leading benefits administration company, before its acquisition by WageWorks in 2014. Michael joined The Word & Brown Companies in 2003.

Michael’s professional background makes him uniquely suited to lead CHOICE Administrators. He has an impressive career spanning more than 25 years in employee benefits and health care. Prior to joining The Word & Brown Companies, he held senior executive positions with Health Net of California, including Vice President and General Manager for a $200 million business unit, and Senior Vice President of a $2 billion sales organization, where he managed 600 employees. He also served as chief sales and marketing officer at American Specialty Health, one of the country's leading complimentary care organizations.

Michael earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio State University. He is an active member of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU).


Adam Roye
Senior Vice President/Executive Director
CHOICE Administrators

Adam Roye leads enterprise strategy and program operations for CHOICE Administrators, the parent organization of the CaliforniaChoice private health insurance exchange and ChoiceBuilder ancillary benefits exchange.

 Prior to joining CHOICE Administrators in July 2017, Adam held a similar role for nearly four years at The Word & Brown Companies, where he designed and implemented the organization's corporate-wide Enterprise Project Management Office for multiple insurance-related business units. His role included strategic planning, process improvement, and oversight of the enterprise project portfolio.

Adam's previous experience includes a decade in management consulting (KPMG and Booz Allen Hamilton) and nearly five years with the United States Government Accountability Office. He earned his Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree from Georgetown University and his Bachelor of Arts at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He holds Project Management Professional (PMP) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certifications.

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